Traina Foods (US Postal Deliveries)
P.O. Box 157
Patterson, CA 95363-0157
Tel: 209-892-5472
Fax: 209-892-6231

Traina Foods (Shipment Deliveries)
280 South First Street
Patterson, CA 95363

Industrial Food Ingredient Sales
Tom Ielmini
Director of Sales
Tel: 209-892-7516
Fax: 209-892-6231

Doris Collins
Director of Wholesale
Tel: 209-892-7503
Fax: 209-892-6231

Foodservice Distributors Sales
MaryAnn LaSpisa
Director of Food Service Sales
Tel: 415-205-0644
Fax: 415-351-2302

Jennifer Sexton
Regional Food Service Director
Tel: 818-618-7343

Rosie Hernandez
Restaurant Field Representative
Tel: 209-552-9835

Retail Sales
Mia Brudnicki
Director of Retail Sales
Tel: 209-892-7502
Fax: 209-892-6231

Jill Kazdin
Retail Account Executive
Tel: 561-704-5399

Customer Service
Customer Service is available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. PST

Michelle Bettencourt
Customer Service & Shipping Coordinator
Tel: 209-892-7501
Fax: 209-892-6231

Victoria Traina
Director of Marketing
Tel: 415-566-3436
Fax: 415-566-2826

Website & Media Coordinator
Elizabeth Valadez

Amy Thorpe
Project Manager
Tel: 209-892-7505
Fax: 209-892-6231

Quality Assurance

Robert C. Kimball
Quality Control Director
Tel: 209-892-5472
Fax: 209-892-6231

Doug Price
Quality Assurance Manager
Tel: 209-892-7518
Fax: 209-892-6231



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