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california sun dried fruit

In the highly competitive food service industry, every ingredient purchased must be convenient, flavorful, and offer value. Traina dried fruit delivers all that and more. Our sun dried fruit brings vibrancy to ordinary dishes and adds an inimitable signature taste to meals and snacks.

We start with orchard-ripened, first-quality fruit, slowly sun dried in our own drying yards, then pack to order and distribute to customers world-wide. Our products are moist, colorful and full of concentrated sun dried fruit flavor.

And best of all… because Traina is a grower and processor of many of our most popular California sun dried fruit products, we have the competitive edge on quality, personalized customer service and value.

featured product
White wild rice with CA sun dried cherries
White wild rice with Traina California sun dried cherries

California Sun Dried Bing Cherries

Moist and sumptuous with just the right mix of sweet and tang, our California sun dried Bing cherries make an excellent ingredient in sweet and savory dishes and salads. Plump cherries in wine, balsamic vinegar and liqueurs for even more flavor excitement. Also available in Tart Sweetened and Rainier varieties.


New Products

California Extra Fancy Ruby Royal Apricots
Here’s our super-sweet premium California sun dried apricot with exquisite flavor and appearance. Blushed with rosy red tones and even more concentrated sweet & tangy flavor, Ruby Royals are best served on dessert and cheese platters, used in gift packs and served as a garnish to grilled meat and poultry.

All Natural Fruit Medley
This product hits the mark as a healthy snacking alternative. Natural Fruit Medley is crunchy (toasted coconut) without nuts, tart with preservative-free apricots, sweetened with a touch of dried cranberries, and loaded with popular, healthful dark California raisins.

It’s a well-balanced snacking blend for every use - dietary, university, pre-school and active lifestyle accounts - all great targets for Natural Fruit Medley!

The California Crate
Our best quality California sun dried fruit and nuts are gathered together in 9 individual ½ pound cartons beautifully displayed in a wooden orchard crate. The gift pack includes 8 ounces each of Ruby Royal apricots, Bing cherries, red Angelino plums, peaches, pitted dates, roasted almonds, pistachios and jumbo natural walnuts, and Oregon dried sweetened cranberries.

Our 9 box California Fruit Crate makes a delicious and creative gift for business associates and friends alike.




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