Good Reasons to Use Dried Fruit

Traina dried fruit is a colorful, flavorful ingredient -- for restaurant, grocery store and carry-out -- that perfectly fit today's healthier lifestyle.

Convenience – Right from the box, Traina dried fruits are is ready-to-use as an ingredient or as a snack. No peeling, scrubbing or washing. It's ready to use. (When working with batters, sponges or some sauce applications follow our easy hints on using sun dried fruit.)

When using dried fruit in a batter or sponge application, steam or hydrate briefly before beginning to bakescones, cookies, muffins and fruited yeast breads. When used in a sauce, allow for liquid migration and adjust liquid ingredients accordingly.

Added Value – Every good foodservice operator appreciates ingredients that add distinction to a recipe, while adding inimitable flavor. Traina dried fruit products achieves this with significant benefits:

  • Marketable health benefits
  • No waste
  • Labor saving
  • Concentrated fruit flavor – a little goes a long way
  • Extended refrigerated shelf life

Consistency – When our Central Valley orchard fruits and tomatoes are harvested, they are processed and sun dried. The fruit is kept in cold storage until it is custom-packed to order. This means every time an order leaves our facility, our sun dried fruit will be colorful, plump and delicious.

Prices are more consistent, too, when using sun dried fruit instead of fresh, allowing distributors and restaurant owners to more easily project food costs.

Versatility – Dried fruit enhances menus for every type of food operation most types of restaurants in all day parts.

Recommend Traina sun-dried fruit to the white tablecloth restaurant operator seeking innovative and intense, flavorful pan finishing sauces. A grilled chicken breast with dried fruit chutney takes on upscale appeal for the casual dining establishment. And sun dried fruit features prominently in many ethnic cuisines. So add sun dried tomatoes to your next noodle bowl –whether it’s Italian pasta of Japanese Ramen! Check our recipe page and blog for many more ideas for using sun dried fruit.

Check our recipe page and our Traina sun dried blog for more ideas using sun dried fruit.

Signature Appeal – There's an easy way to use dried fruit in every day part segment, and to have that menu item stand out as a specialty of the house:

  • Serve house-made sun dried fruit chutney, and make a condiment statement
  • Granola becomes house-made granola with your combination of sun dried fruit
  • Start a memorable meal with a signature appetizer of Port-infused California mission figs and Parmesan shavings
  • Add sizzle to bar drinks with a swizzle of sun dried fruit



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