Packing, Shipping & Storing

How We Pack our Dried Fruit

Traina Foods offers a variety of pack sizes in addition to customized orders to meet our customers' specifications. Our dried fruit is packaged in 5 lb. boxes which ship from our Retail Shop and to our Foodservice customers. We also supply product in 20, 25 or 44 lb. boxes (depending on the product) and in large totes. The pack size for our Fruit Sauce Bases and Pouring Sauces is 2/1 gallon. The pack size for our sun dried tomatoes in oil is 6/32oz glass bottles or 12/32 oz glass bottles per case. Contact us for more information.

How Our Products Get to You

Traina Foods ships products nationally, and our shipping department can make shipping arrangements customized to your needs. We are located in Patterson, California, conveniently off I-5, the west coast’s major north-south highway, so picking up from our location is easy and convenient for many of our customers. We use valued truck service partners with the best rates and on-time records. Our products are sold FOB origin. We can also prepay and add the freight to the invoice. Alternately, customers can arrange their own shipments. Minimum orders are 200 lbs. Net weight on a pallet will range from 1500-2000 lbs. depending on the case size of the products ordered.

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How to Store Our Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is an ideal ingredient in restaurant kitchens as it has an extended shelf life, and occupies less shelf space than fresh or canned fruit. Traina Foods products are shipped in cardboard boxes with an inner plastic bag for easy storage.

Our sun dried fruit can be stored refrigerated at 45˚, or stored frozen. Store our products for up to a year under refrigeration (45˚F) or up to a year and a half frozen. After opening, be sure to close the bag tightly to avoid unnecessary exposure to moisture. It is not necessary to refrigerate raisins, dates or prunes after opening.



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