Why Buy Traina Products?

California Sun Dried Apricots Drying in the Sun
California grown apricots drying in the sun.


We offer excellent prices

Traina understands what it’s like to own and operate a restaurant. We’ve owned an operated one for more than 35 years! We understand about staying competitive and being vigilant about food costs. That’s why we will always sell our sun-dried fruit and tomatoes at the best possible price. That’s our guarantee… from one restaurateur to another.

Growing and processing standards

We have grown and produced our delicious sun dried fruits in the fertile Central Valley of California for over 3 generations!  The Traina family takes great pride in the experience we have gained to bring our valued customers the best tasting wholesome food we can.  From our fields to our labs, we ensure our harvesting and processing meet all government standards for food safety by utilizing the latest technology and equipment.

Dependable California quality

We never cut corners on quality, cleanliness, product integrity or environmental stewardship. At Traina Foods, our first responsibility is to our customer. And we guarantee every case of California sun-dried tomatoes or sun dried fruit is produced under strict State and Federal food safety guidelines, and in compliance with our own high industry standards. Buy California (expand this statement).

Your single source for every dried fruit need

What began in the Traina family orchards of San Jose California circa 1926 has grown to become a resource for hundreds of dried, sun-dried, imported and sweetened dried fruit products. As consumer interest in a wide variety of sun-dried products has grown, we expanded our product line, developing strong relationships with quality producers of sweetened and imported fruit worldwide. Today, Traina Foods is known as a single source for every conceivable dried fruit product.

Our products are slowly sun-dried for maximum flavor

The Traina sun-drying process begins with the plumpest, vine-ripened tomatoes we grow and the sweetest, juiciest fruits from the orchards. Combining state-of-the-art food technology and the Traina teams years of experience results in products with superior taste and perfect appeal. The process takes between 5 – 7 warm sunny days before the fruits are truly, perfectly sun-dried - sweet, moist, slowly sun-cooked fruit and tomatoes.

California Sun Dried Cherries
California grown sun dried Bing cherries.

Experience & family-owned tradition

Now operated by the third generation, Traina Foods continues to be a family-operated business committed to the same standard: growing the finest fruits and vegetables and concentrating their flavors under the California sun. Coming into the work place soon – a 4th generation!

Sales pros to help you sell more sun-dried fruit

It’s a win-win situation working with Traina Foods. Our years of experience successfully selling dried fruit are matched with your interest in selling it. We’ll design a customized POS to focus sales efforts on the products you want to sell, and Traina’s knowledgeable food service team will be in the field to compliment your sales efforts.

Grown in America, supporting American workers

For a very long time, we’ve grown the best fruits and vegetables California’s bountiful Central Valley produces. And during this time, we’ve employed generations of California’s new and old immigrant families. Some people work for the summer and go back to college in the fall, others have been loyal employees for decades. We are gratified to be a small part of an American dream that’s shared by all.

Vertically integrated grower, producer, packer

We enjoy the efficiencies of being a vertically integrated company. Our customers enjoy the economic benefits of our field-to-fulfillment business model.

California Sun Dried Tomatoes

California sun working its magic on tomatoes.

Marketing support: creative application ideas and tools

With over 500 marketing support documents, we have ideas for every occasion and recipes for every dried fruit.


The Traina family stands behind their products

Now operated by the third generation, Traina Foods continues to be a family-operated business committed to the standard of growing the finest fruits and vegetables, controlling every step of production, and guaranteeing consistent, high quality products...every day of the year.




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