How Customers Use Our Sun Dried Fruit

Traina California sun dried julienne tomatoes
Traina's sun dried fruit products offer superb value in industrial applications as they enable producers to create colorful products with unique flavor profiles while controlling costs and extending shelf life.

As an ideal ingredient in shelf-stable, refrigerated or frozen food products, our products have significant reach in the food industry. Chances are, if you are eating a prepared food with sun dried tomatoes or California sun dried apricots, they came from our orchards. Our products can be found on grocery store shelves in famous name rice mixes, pasta sauces, military's MREs, school lunches, and on and on. Here are just a few ways our customers use our products:

Frozen Foods

  • toppings on frozen pizza
  • skillet meal kits
  • instant oatmeal kits
  • value-added entrees
  • side dishes

Pasta Sauces and Salad Dressings

  • Sun dried tomatoes provide a burst of flavor to pasta sauces and salad dressings.

Dry Seasoning Mixes / Bakery Mixes

  • Sun dried tomatoes and our new apricot granules (low moisture) are added to dry seasoning mixes and rubs for unique flavor profiles.
  • Bakery fillings and dry mixes like focaccia bread with sun dried tomatoes and apricots.

Energy bars / Granola

  • Sun dried fruit is an excellent ingredient in both energy bars and upscale granolas.



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