Product Benefits

From Field to Table

Apricots ready to be picked
Apricots ready to be picked

As a third generation family-run business, Traina Foods is committed to providing the highest quality and best tasting California sun dried fruit and sun dried tomato products for our customers. We care about quality and stand behind each box that leaves our farm and plant. After all, our name is on the label. Each and every one of our boxes are tracked by lots and can be traced from field to final product.

Ensuring Quality

National and multi-national food processors as well as medium and small-sized businesses rely on Traina sun dried fruit products in their operations. With the most advanced technology in the industry and over 100 years experience in the sun drying business, we can guarantee the finest sun dried fruit and tomato products in the world.

We're proud of our high ratings from our annual USDA and FDA inspections and audits. Our Quality Assurance team oversees these processes and monitors our dried fruit at all phases of production, ensuring our commitment to the highest standards.

Custom Orders to Fit Your Specifications

Our Industrial Ingredient customers have very specific requirements for the ingredients in their products and we can meet them. Each industrial order can be tailored to meet customer specifications, including cut sizes, moisture levels, sulfur levels and pack sizes. We have product specifications available for those customers who require it, and our products are Kosher certified.

Here at Traina Foods, we're dedicated to developing and enforcing product safety standards and specifications that meet and exceed the strictest standards in the dried fruit and sun dried tomato industry. As new technologies develop and food safety issues are addressed, we will continue our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality California sun dried fruit products available.



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