Quality & Manufacturing

Apricots in the Traina Foods Dry Yard

Our goal at Traina Foods is to provide the highest quality California sun dried fruit and sun dried tomato products for our customers. The Traina Foods quality assurance team is committed to ensuring this goal. We monitor our customers' product at all times during each phase of processing and handling, ensuring the commitment of high standards. With the most advanced technology in the industry and over 100 years experience in the sun drying business, we can guarantee the finest sun dried fruit and tomato products in the world.

Traina Foods has a set of strict processing procedures that are closely followed and continuously monitored by the quality assurance team. These procedures are:

In addition to these procedures, Traina Foods employs state-of-the-art dried fruit production technology to further ensure product quality. A few of these technologies are:

  • Laser Color Sorter
  • Metal Detection and Prevention
  • X-Ray Detection
  • Magnetic Detection

Traina Foods also tests dried fruit and sun dried tomatoes for microbiological information. Product samples are randomly taken and sent to an independent laboratory where the specified tests are performed. Our plant is inspected annually by the U.S.D.A. and the F.D.A. These government regulatory agencies have very rigorous health and safety standards. We are proud of our high rating.

Our sun dried products must meet strict specifications before they are shipped to our customers. Products are tracked by lots and can be traced from the field to the final stage when it is ready to be shipped.

Tomatoes Drying in Traina Foods Dry Yard

Traina Foods offers sun dried products tailored to customer specifications. Cut sizes, moisture levels, sulfur levels and pack sizes are all aspects that can be "made to order". We have product specifications available for those customers who require it, and our products are Kosher certified.

Traina Foods and our quality assurance team is dedicated to developing and enforcing product safety standards and specifications that meet and exceed the strictest standards in the dried fruit and sun dried tomato industry. As new technologies develop and food safety issues are addressed, we will continue our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality California sun dried fruit products available.



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