Trail Mixes

Trail Mixes

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Trail Mixing is as creative as it is easy, because Traina offers so many varieties of healthful dried and sun-dried fruit.

It’s easy to find new favorite combination - Traina’s sweet Baker’s Fruit Medley (diced Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, dried Cranberries, Golden and Dark Raisins) blends well with salty peanuts, pepitas and chocolate or carob chips (add chipotle-flavored peanuts for a spicy kick).

Our All-American Fruit Blend (sun-dried diced CA Peaches, dried Cranberries, dried Blueberries, diced dried Apples and Golden Raisins) is the most convenient way to start a creative healthy trail mix. Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts…all are great additions to this blend.

For an all-natural treat, try the deep rich flavor of chewy Traina natural California Apricots combined with sweet, moist California pitted Dates. California natural almonds compliment these fruits and add an extra protein boost.

A high-energy mix is as simple as blending Traina Golden Raisins, California diced Apricots, California Bing Cherries, natural walnut pieces, diced Dates, oat nuggets and coconut. It’s a naturally sweet, low fat snack mix --- just right for hitting the trail.

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