Sun Dried Fruit Sangria Compote

Sun Dried Fruit Sangria Compote

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Sun Dried Fruit Sangria Compote

Prep Time | 20 min   Total Time | 40 min   Servings | 8

1 bottle red Spanish table wine
½ cup brandy
1 cup simple syrup
½ lemon, sliced rounds
½ orange, sliced rounds
1½ lbs Traina Sun Dried Fruit - select your combination of Sun Dried Apricots, Peachers, Pears, Cherries, Prunes, Nectarines, Apple slices, etc.
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup honey
OPTIONAL: cinnamon stick or, bay leaf or,  fresh rosemary twig


Bring wine, brandy, simple syrup and citrus rounds to a simmer.  When the mixture begins to simmer add sun dried fruit (add herbs if used).  Continue cooking gently for 1 hour, or unil fruit begins to soften.

Remove the fruit from the pan (remove herbs if used).  Turn up the heat and reduce wine sauce to 1½ cups.  Add lemon and honey to taste.

Return fruit to the pan to coat evenly.  Portion out the fruit into serving cups.  Pour wine reduction over the fruit.

Serve with yogurt, ice cream or cake.

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