How To Use Dried Fruit

Traina Foods sun dried fruit is ready to use as a snack mix ingredient, on top of hot or cold cereal, in yogurt, on salad and as an out-of-hand snack food.

It's simple to hydrate (refresh) sun dried fruit for baking and cooking use.

The most common method of hydrating sun dried fruit is just covering the fruit in hot water. The process is also referred to as rehydrating, freshening or reconstituting.

For sauces, condiments, grain dishes and baked goods, hydrate the pieces of Traina sun dried fruit for 15 minutes before adding to recipe or dish. Expect the sun dried fruit to soak up some of the liquid from sauces, soups and grain dishes. If necessary, add more cooking liquid. (Larger pieces of fruit will take a longer time to hydrate for cooking applications.)

Tips on Cooking with Sun Dried Fruit

  • Before adding hydrated sun dried fruit to yeast and quick breads, pat dry the sun dried fruit using paper towels. No drippy fruit allowed!
  • Under-bake cookies by a few minutes to keep sun dried fruit pieces moist and plump.
  • Add another taste dimension: hydrate Traina Foods sun dried fruit in chicken stock, wine, liqueur, Earl Grey tea, fruit juice, balsamic vinegar or rum. Adding a drop or 2 of Almond or Vanilla flavoring while hydrating fruit in warm water increases the flavor layers. Orange extract will add a fresh, lively citrus note to Traina Foods Dried Cranberries or Dried Cherries.



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