Ideas for Using Sun Dried Apricots

Traina Foods California Sun Dried Apricots

A versatile ingredient... A delectable snack from nature

Around the turn of the century, when farmers from the Mediterranean region emigrated to California's lush San Joaquin Valley and saw the rich land, they knew they could grow produce here reminiscent of the richly flavored fruit of their homelands.

Their dream was to grow the finest varieties of fruits and vegetables that were cultivated over many centuries in the Mediterranean region, and then to use the wondrous California sun as a way of concentrating the fresh flavors for year-round use.

Apricot Cinnamon Roll

Apricot Cinnamon Roll

Soon apricot orchards blossomed, producing plump juicy fruit kissed by the sun and full of goodness. These beautiful apricots were placed on redwood trays to dry slowly, naturally under the California sun retaining the exquisite flavor of a perfect apricot. The Traina family still produces sun dried apricots the same way, and uses them in hundreds of recipes collected over decades.

Using Traina Foods California Sun Dried Apricots for all Segments of the Menu throughout the day


  • Smoked salmon, sun dried apricot chutney on rye appetizers
  • Sun dried apricot chicken salad pita snacks
  • Sun dried apricot-gorgonzola appetizers
  • Baked brie topped with sun dried apricots and almonds, wrapped in puff pastry
  • Country pate with fresh herbs and sun dried apricots
  • Sun dried apricot, walnut, turkey tea sandwiches
  • Swedish apricot fruit soup flecked with sun dried apricots
  • Orange juice infused sun dried apricots topped with goat cheese
  • Assorted cheese arranged with dark chocolate and sun dried apricots
  • Pretzel, chex party mix with sun dried apricots
  • Garlic, thyme, red pepper roasted almonds and sun dried apricots
  • Cream cheese, blue cheese crumbles and diced apricots on rye rounds

Side dishes

  • Couscous with sun dried diced apricots, slivered toasted almonds and chives
  • Eastern European dumplings with sun dried apricots and sweet farmer's cheese
  • Wild rice pilaf with sun dried apricots and dried cherries
  • Browned butter enhanced bulgur with sun dried apricots and toasted almonds
  • Sweet cream sun dried apricot fruited barley
  • Brown sugar, sun dried apricot sweet potato casserole
  • Baby carrots sautéed with crystallized ginger and sun dried apricots
  • Prune and sun dried apricot winter compote
  • Curried sun dried apricot Napa cabbage slaw
  • Steamed green beans with sautéed shallots and sun dried apricots
  • Baked rice yams studded with diced sun dried apricots
  • Sun dried apricot, walnut, raisin and brown sugar stuffed baked apples

Snacks, Quick Breakfasts

  • Sun dried apricot pumpkin seed trail mix
  • Rolled-oats sun dried apricot granola
  • Yogurt sweetened with sun dried apricots and nuts
  • Fruit smoothie made with strawberries, banana and topped with sun dried apricot granules
  • Harvest sun dried apricot pumpkin loaf
  • Fruit bread with walnuts and sun dried apricot bits
  • California diced date- sun dried apricot sweetened muesli
  • Corn meal sun dried apricot muffins
  • Stuffed sun dried apricot cream cheese French toast
  • Multi-grain sun dried apricot fruit bars
  • Quick Sun dried apricot and roasted almond quick bread


  • Wild rice and sun dried apricot stuffed Cornish game hens
  • Green olive, sun dried apricot and olive oil marinade drizzled over a roasting chicken
  • Steaming pork stew with winter root vegetables and sun dried apricots
  • Roasted pork with prune and sun dried apricot stuffing
  • North African lamb simmered with root vegetables and sun dried apricots
  • Roasted spring lamb stuffed with sun dried apricot chive rice
  • Spiced brisket with leeks and sun dried apricots
  • Tagine of lamb and sun dried apricots in honey sauce
  • An Alfredo twist - sun dried apricot, blue cheese cream pasta sauce
  • Spicy chicken with chickpea and sun dried apricot harissa
  • Brisket, aromatic spices and sun dried apricots roasted
  • Slow stewed chicken legs with sun dried apricots
  • Savory roast pork glazed with sun dried apricot mustard sauce

Condiments and sauces

  • Thick sun dried apricot fruit sauce
  • Sweet tangy sun dried apricot mustard
  • Harissa - a spicy Indian condiment
  • Apricot and golden raisin chutney
  • Sweet spicy sun dried apricot horseradish sauce
  • Port wine sun dried apricot reduction
  • Sun dried apricot-honey syrup
  • Sun dried apricot butter
  • White wine – sun dried apricot spread
  • Fruity barbecue sauce with sun dried apricots
  • Sun dried apricot, sweet wine and thyme infused syrup
  • Shallot, sun dried apricot vinaigrette
  • Spicy red pepper sun dried apricot dipping sauce
  • Amaretto sun dried apricot jam
  • Sweet red bell pepper and sun dried apricot Jezebel sauce


  • Turnovers with sun dried apricot and almond paste filling
  • Sweet ricotta cheese and sun dried apricot ravioli
  • Apricot and pistachio muffins
  • Brandied sun dried apricots
  • Chocolate dipped apricots
  • Golden Central Valley sun dried apricot pie
  • Chunky walnut, apricot oatmeal bars
  • Frosted oatmeal bars sprinkled with apricot granules
  • Chocolate chunk, walnut, sun dried apricot cookies
  • Sun dried apricot-almond gratin with crushed amaretti topping
  • Coarse-sugar sprinkled sun dried apricot fried hand pie
  • Bread pudding sauce made with sun dried apricots and buttered rum
  • Sun dried apricot-honey torte
  • Truffles filled with Grand Marnier-soaked sun dried apricots
  • Classic yellow cake with sun dried apricot filling between the layers
  • Chocolate chunk- sun dried apricot bread pudding
  • Crunchy cashew sun dried apricot cluster cookies
  • Sun dried apricot-almond gratin
  • Bittersweet chocolate sun dried apricot cookies
  • Creamy vanilla pudding with diced sun dried apricots and prune pieces
  • Almond sun dried apricot biscotti
  • Tea scones made with sun dried apricots and almond slivers
  • Sun dried apricot yellow cake Grand Marnier trifle
  • Chocolate fondue surrounded by extra large jumbo sun dried apricots



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