Why Use Dried Fruit?

Traina Dried Fruit is the ingredient that gives customers what they want… Convenience, Added Value, Versatility and Signature Appeal.

Convenience - Right from the box, Traina dried fruits are ready-to-use as an ingredient or as a snack. Or when using dried fruit in a batter or sponge application, steam or hydrate briefly before beginning to bake scones, cookies, muffins and fruited yeast breads. When used in a sauce, allow for liquid migration and adjust liquid ingredients accordingly.

Added Value - Labor saving, marketable health benefits, no-waste and extended (refrigerated) shelf life adds up to food cost savings. There’s unmistakable appeal to a plain dish of whole grain that’s been enhanced with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and (10¢ worth of) colorful sun dried fruit. And a reliable turkey sandwich layered with house-made sun dried apricot – cranberry relish becomes a trademark sandwich. Traina Dried Fruit is economical, and it adds gourmet appeal to everyday dishes.

Versatility - Sun dried fruit enhances the menu of most types of restaurants in all day parts. Recommend adding Traina Sun Dried Fruit to the dinner chef seeking innovative, intense flavor for pan-finishing sauces, and a grilled chicken breast with dried fruit chutney takes on upscale appeal for the casual lunchtime establishment. Most ethnic cuisines have their own version of pasta and noodles, and sun dried products feature prominently in many of those cuisines. So add sun dried tomatoes to your next noodle bowl –whether it’s Italian pasta of Japanese Ramen!

Signature Appeal - There's an easy way to use dried fruit in every day-part segment, helping your customer set their menu apart from the competition. An easy granola becomes the operator's-own granola when a combination of dried fruit is mixed into the blend. Signature trail mix is easy with Traina diced sun-dried fruit, and cheese tortes or appetizers can be made in minutes. Traina understands how to position sun dried products into every day-part segment. Contact us to discuss our individualized marketing approach to accounts including customized marketing materials. Traina's resources for sales success include a coordinated national team of brokers and representatives who drive interest in our products.

Check our recipe page the Sun Dried Blog and our ideas for using sun dried apricots and using sun dried tomatoes for mouthwatering ideas to spark your creativity.



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