Our flavorful dried sweetened blueberries are a nutritional heavyweight. Often ranked in nutritional and health studies with the highest levels of antioxidant fighting power, dried blueberries also provide natural fiber, potassium and vitamin A.

Blueberries Dried, sweetened
Pack size: 5 lb. box
Item # 620005


Blueberries Dried, sweetened

Domestically grown, sweetened dehydrated Blueberries. Deep blue-black color, lightly infused with sucrose, sprayed with sunflower oil. These cultivated blueberries are very flavorful and make a colorful addition to hot cereals, grains, trail mixes and granolas. Sprinkle on top of mixed greens or poultry salads. Infuse with vinegar for a sweet undertone. The sweetness of blueberries recommends them as a snack and a bakery ingredient. Add to muffins, scones, cookies and quick bread. Dried blueberries provide natural fiber in addition to potassium and vitamin A. This product will cut favorably against all other brands. Kosher certified. Keep refrigerated to maintain maximum quality.



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