Sweetened Dried Cranberries

The cranberry is native to the U.S and grows in bogs on trailing vines. Reknowned for their health promoting properties, cranberries have been used for centuries for food and as medicine. They are packed with Vitamin C and dietary fiber; sweetened dried cranberries contain no cholesterol, virtually no fat and are low in sodium.

Dried Cranberries, sweetened
Pack size: 5 lb. box
Item # 630004


Dried Cranberries, sweetened

Sweetened dried Cranberries are grown in the US and infused with fruit juices, sucrose syrup and lightly coated with sunflower oil to prevent sticking. Ready to use. Dried Cranberries add flavor, texture and rich color to poultry, stuffing, rice dishes and bakery products. They have a natural affinity with sun-dried Apricots. Use in place of raisins in salads, granolas, trail mixes and on cereals. Will cut favorably against the retail product “Craisins.” Provides natural fiber in addition to a good amount of vitamin C. Kosher certified. Keep refrigerated to maintain maximum quality.



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