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Traina Foods has a talented team with many years of restaurant and foodservice experience. We continuously monitor national and regional trends in restaurants, cafes and delis to schools and institutional cafeterias and can help you with all your sun dried fruit menu solutions.

Hungry for ideas? Talk to our culinary experts about delicious dried fruit applications customers will love.

Using Sun Dried Fruit in Foodservice
Women selecting dried fruit from assortment of offerings
Slowly sun dried for maximum flavor.
Foodservice Frequently Asked Questions

Traina Foods is the foodservice industry’s leading single source for California Sun Dried Fruit and Tomatoes, as well as international Dried Fruits and Tomatoes.

Since 1926 when the first apricot trees were planted and the fruits sun dried, the Traina family has tended orchards and acres of beautiful California produce. That’s still the heart of Traina® Foods – nurturing fruit trees and tomato plants, allowing the fruit to ripen fully then slowly dry under the California sun, producing perfect sun dried fruit.

In the creative hands of foodservice professionals, Sun Dried Fruit and Tomatoes make the ordinary taste extraordinary, and inspire thousands of menu options.

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